Reclining in Ouray City Park



Realizing this moment of opportunity, I see myself as a part of God’s whole created order.  I participate in the divine creative/healing process that has been working in and around me from the day of my birth. This marvelous process is constantly knitting together fragments of my being in ways of which I am generally unaware.

Laws of renewal work involuntarily regularly rebuilding my cell structures. Immune systems shield my body from constant infectious bombardment. Energy and elimination systems replenish reservoirs, feeding regenerative systems. When I am consciously aligning my decisions with the daily needs of this process, I am participating in God’s continuous activity, and honoring divine law.

Realizing radiant health within me, I breathe in each renewing breath of life. In turn, I breathe out unnecessary elements. I, then, breathe in again. In and out. In and out, in the renewing rhythm of my life.

Returning to the renewing rhythm of life, I become aware of my yearning to employ the same laws for the benefit of all creatures everywhere as I continue in vital balance revitalizing the divine gift I have been given.