“What do you consider as of most importance, the destination you want to reach, or the actual journey it requires you to make?” This is an easy answer on a Sunday afternoon, when you want to take a leisurly spin with the family and you have time to burn. However, if our situation were to change and we have several important stops to make on way to the office, a trip has a different complexion altogether. Admitted, there are times to confront such stress head-on and times to reprioratize and employ our freedom to choose more leisurely. In any case, it is good to keep our options regarding our coice consciously before us.

One can enjoy a journey that is stress filled and harbors demanding choices, just not as a regular diet.

When we are overwrought in the stress of fulfillment or achievement, we can push back from the desk, the telephone, the steering wheel, or activity to give ourselves space in which to observe how we are deciding from among the choices at hand. If we are concerned with what we see, we can “take a moment,” like John, one of tbe partner Lawyers on the series Ally McBeal, to see our options more clearly before we continue on our way. Such moments are our right and our choice to offer ourselves the space we need.

Learning can be approached from different perspectives. The basic questions for me are do I simply receive or do I interact.