“Howdy I thought I’d missed you wasn’t certain when you would come how’s your day been a nice day except it’s been hot where I have been welding working for Alan Story he is teaching me how to weld building a new rack for a trailer was hot in the shop working Alan’s shop not as organized as I thought it would be but he is a great guy I knew the old man his father and didn’t know how he would be to work for but he’s a great guy how’s your day been driver living with my mom got things to do for her tomorrow back in Fruita next Monday sixteen I am sixteen been with my girl friend four years and haven’t taken her on a real date since we have been together Oh I have taken her to Mc Donald’s and Taco Bell but we have not gone to a real restaurant or on a real date since we have been together I didn’t know that that hospital was moving out here that’s a rough intersection wonder when they will fix it this is a great park so tomorrow I am taking her to the movies she likes one at the Reagal her parents will also be going too I have to pay for the whole family is it going to rain tomorrow is this your last run oh there’s the terminal you have a great weekend driver hope it doesn’t rain…”

Met another driver on break. “I just deboarding a runonsentence,” I said.

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