Bob Jaeger was born in 1946 in Denver, Colorado. After a number of years wandering and working at jobs as varied as bank teller and oil field rough neck, he settled into teaching elementary and middle school in Littleton. When he retired in 2002, his memories of growing up in Denver were so far removed from the current reality that he moved to Fruita, a small town in Western Colorado, where he lived with his best friend and wife, Gerri, and their two dogs. Reclaiming and remodeling his home in Englewood, Bob and Gerri returned to the Front Range. He continues to Pilgrim to the Meher Baba Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bob is the father of Matt and Ben, oddfather of Travis and Jenn, and grandfather of Jalyne. He spends his days reading, writing, walking, cooking, enjoying home projects and gardening. Bob´s first book of poems, This Terrible Fragility, was published by Bread and Butter Press in 1988 (see